Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Mom Runs on Hugs

It all began with the word pink. M-girl was supposed to write a sentence in her grammar book, describing a cake. Ever one to look for a short-cut she asked,"Do I have to write that the sprinkles are pink?" I replied, "Only if you want to get 100% correct." They don't call me the worst mom ever for nothing!

M-girl started whining to express her annoyance at having to write those four extra letters. This began to bother D-boy who had been busily working with his math box. He approached M-girl (who was still in mid-whine) and told her, "You are starting to make me angry, so you'd better stop!"

She didn't. Next thing I knew, D-boy conked M-girl on the head. She did kind of deserve it, but I can't condone violence, so I calmly said, "We don't hit," before I went on to give K-boy his next spelling word.

Alas, my soothing words were to no avail. M-girl leaped from her seat and tackled her little brother. He squirmed out of her hold and grabbed a pillow from the futon to clobber her with. She grabbed another and....well need I go on?

It was evident to me that we needed an early lunch break. Tired, hungry kids aren't at their best for learning. We finished the lessons they'd been working on and prepared to go downstairs to the kitchen. First though, I called everyone in for a group hug. I had to force the issue a bit so I told them, "This mom runs on hugs. My cookie baking powers don't work without hugs."

We all felt better afterward. M-girl and D-boy went on to play together after lunch, the best of friends again. Hugs are amazing. So are cookies.

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