Monday, March 5, 2012

Review of Fablehaven

K-boy became an avid reader when he discovered the Harry Potter series back in 3rd grade. Fantasy is still his favorite genre by far. When he finishes a series, or if the next book is not due out for a while, he goes into book withdrawal mode. I know the symptoms well, as it's a condition I've experienced many times in my book-wormish life.

Consequently I'm kept busy trying to make sure to tempt his literary appetite with new (to him), unread authors to try. I scored big one day on a hurried trip to the library. In between helping M-girl (who was with me) with her selections, and grabbing stacks of bedtime books for D-boy, I stumbled across the Fablehaven series in the young teen section. They were written by Brandon Mull and the first book in the series dates back to 2006. The plot sounded like it would appeal to K-boy, so I grabbed it.

It was an instant hit with him, and he devoured it in a couple of days. He begged me for weeks to read book one, while he read on in the series. We love to discuss books together, as it just makes the characters come alive for us. For some reason I procrastinated though. Sometimes my taste in reading is not an exact match with that of my adolescent son.

Finally one day when I was out of books of my own to read, I picked up Fablehaven. Then I couldn't seem to put it down.

The story centers around two young siblings, Kendra and Seth, who stumble on a well-kept family secret...their grandfather is the caretaker of a haven for magical creatures. Their excitement at discovering that fairies really exist quickly turns to terror as they encounter some far more ferocious mythological figures. Danger threatens not only the kids, but ultimately their grandparents too. Kendra and Seth must call upon hidden reserves of courage to save everyone and ensure that Fablehaven remains a safe refuge for the rare and endangered beings that live there.

K-boy loves studying mythology and greatly enjoyed how Brandon Mull incorporated legendary beings from various cultures. Creatures from far distant times and places mingle freely on the grounds of Fablehaven.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fablehaven. K-boy has already put book two on my nightstand, and I can't wait to immerse myself in the magic again.

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