Saturday, January 4, 2014

Give Me a Break

It started out so well. Two weeks ago our family was anticipating a longed for break from the routine. The kids and I were ready to take not one, but two whole weeks off from the grind of studying, while BadDad arranged to take vacation time for Christmas week. It was going to be bliss!

Then life happened. The first part of our break went OK, it's just that we were so busy with last minute holiday preparations that we didn't have time to relax. We just figured the fun stuff would come later. BadDad took one day to go visit his brother in the hospital, and that was fine, and then he decided to run in to the office on another day (or was it two?). That was still manageable. We enjoyed Christmas together, and that was what was really important.

Halfway through our break (where did the time go already?) K-boy started feeling off. Soon he was out of commission with a fever. I was still hanging in there. Then D-boy came down with it, and there was no denying we'd been struck by the flu. During vacation. From schoolwork. It's every kid's nightmare.

Needless to say, the rest of our 'break' has been a cycle of sickness and recovery. Thankfully BadDad and I haven't succumbed. The kids are on the mend, but things like getting together with extended family, and hanging out with friends have had to be postponed. Now it's time to take down the tree and decorations, and get back to normal.

In K-boy's words, "This was the worst break ever!" Them's the breaks, kid. Them's the breaks.