Friday, March 9, 2012

Principal Dad

BadDad took a day off from work yesterday to get to some lingering projects around the house. M-girl will be making her First Communion in May and that means out-of -town relatives will be seeing our house, some for the first time.

Our day always runs a bit differently when BadDad is home. I was up earlier than usual for one thing. We had an electrician scheduled to come at 10 am, and so I was scrubbing bathrooms while my hubby was running the vacuum cleaner. At 7 am.

By 7:30, BadDad was banging on bedroom doors, trying to wake up the kids. I was yawning.

The kids managed to sleep until 8:00 as usual. M-girl even snuck in an extra twenty minute snooze. Finally though, everyone was up in the school room by 9:00. We were interrupted briefly by the electrician's arrival, but most of the morning was just normal.

It was nice to have 'Principal Dad' around to quickly quell whining about assignments. Men have such an unfair advantage by having deeper voices than women. What takes me five minutes and a fake call to Santa Claus to accomplish, takes him five words. Not fair.

So our day was cleaner and quieter than normal. Well, back to our normal messy, noisy routine today.

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