Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lost Hour

This weekend was way too short. I foolishly assumed that the time change wouldn't be a big deal this year. I prefer having more daylight at the end of the day anyway, and with no babies in the house to be thrown off a sleeping schedule, it should have been a breeze.

It just happened to be the weekend that I had to start my volunteer job of teaching M-girl's First Communion class. It took up the morning, but we were done by lunchtime on Saturday, so I still had plenty of weekend left. I had time for some chores, and then we all headed back to the church for 4 o'clock mass. Once home we had dinner, and then found a movie on Netflix. I stayed up a little too late with my hubby, but it's such a luxury to sit and talk after the kids are in bed. Besides, I knew I could sleep in on Sunday and then have the whole day stretching out before me.

Wrong. First BadDad, and then D-boy decided to come and talk to me at the uncivilized hour of...well 7:30 to be honest. It felt like 6:30 though, we did lose an hour.

The rest of Sunday was filled with more everyday chores around the house and ferrying K-boy to his youth group. Then waiting for him to be done. After that shopping and cooking dinner. Relaxing -  not so much. I miss my lost hour of weekend!

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