Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello Winter My Old Friend

I was less than thrilled when I realized that we were in for what is possibly going to be the season's biggest snowstorm on a drama day. The teacher let everyone know that class would go on, if people were willing to show up. With two kids involved and the play mere weeks away, I didn't want to be the mom that ruined rehearsal by not showing up with my kids.

Yesterday after lunch, I gritted my teeth and loaded everyone into the car. With snow already accumulating on the ground, and flakes swirling through the air, we headed out. Fog hung over the highway, but twenty minutes later we pulled up to the church where drama is held and saw....a practically empty parking lot.

Apparently not all parents were afraid of being labeled a wimp for not wanting to drive in the snow. I located the teacher and told her to call me if class ended early, before D-boy and I headed off to do our weekly grocery trip. As we were leaving a few more kids began arriving for drama practice.

D-boy and I hurried through our shopping and headed back to drama. The weather was getting worse by the minute, and I wanted to be on hand if the kids were done early. I peeked into the classroom and saw them working away, so D-boy and I headed down to the lounge to wait. Luckily I had packed some schoolbooks and legos to pass the time with. There we joined the other hearty moms and younger sibs all waiting anxiously to go home.

Finally after three and a half hours, the kids were done at their normal time. Hooray, rush hour traffic in the snow! Good times!

As we drove though, K-boy and M-girl told me excitedly about their afternoon. Somehow they had gotten a lot done, even with a reduced cast. They really love going to drama. I think I get mom points for getting them there. At least in my mind I do.

We made it home around 5:00 and the kids immediately got ready to go play in the snow. They've really missed it this year as it's been an unusually mild winter around here. Soon I was throwing together a pot of soup for dinner, and they were out back on their sleds. I watched them out the window, so I could time when to start making some cocoa. It felt wonderfully cozy.

Our storm is hanging around for much of today. I'm kind of glad we're getting at least one decent round of snow before spring comes. Especially because I don't have to go anywhere today.

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