Thursday, March 22, 2012

Audio Books

I feel like I've spent half my time in the car this week, shuttling K-boy and M-girl back and forth to drama. Their performance venue is over a half hour drive from our home, so the car hours have added up quickly.

Last week while I was at the library I thought to stock up on some audio books to listen to on these drives. We're a family of bookworms, and we follow a more or less classical curriculum. The recommended reading lists for classical education are so long that even we would be hard pressed to actually read every book on them. I find long drives are a perfect time to check off some of them.

My kids are ready for a story anytime, and they love listening to audio books. We even take them camping with us, and listen to stories around the campfire! Until we run out of batteries for the CD player, that is.

In the past couple of days we've gotten through, The Great Brain, and most of The Sign of the Beaver. So even though we've missed a few days of textbooks this week, we've more than covered literature. We love to read together in any manner and discuss the book and characters. The kids like having something to occupy their time in the car. I'm happy knowing that their brains are engaged, even during the downtime of a long drive.


  1. I like audio books also. Especially if I'm flying. I also like to listen to them as I drift off to sleep. I usually have to re-wind the next day because I dosed, but I love to be read to.

    1. They do make a trip go faster. We just had to make two long car trips. The kids were fine, as long a we had books to listen to.