Friday, December 28, 2012

A Boy Can Dream

As a busy homeschooling mom to three busy kids, I find that my planner is an essential tool to keeping our household running on schedule. One feature that comes in handy is a little sidebar, where I can write down what we're having for dinner each night. Some weeks I plan all of the meals ahead, and other times I wait to see what I end up getting at the store.

A couple of weeks ago, K-boy must have stumbled across my half written meal plan. He added a few ideas of his own. Can you tell that he likes beef?

Ha! I told him too bad. If he had spelled steak correctly, I might have been inspired to make it.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Hug

As a mother, the recent reminders of man's inhumanity to man has left me wanting to cling to my children and keep them safe. Knowing that there's no way to keep them stuck to my side forever, I've allowed them to keep doing the activities that they love. I have spent some extra time discussing safety with them.

It was during one such conversation with my 13 year old, that he turned to me and asked, Mom, do you need a hug?

I nodded, with tears in my eyes, grateful to have such a kind and caring son.

He wrapped his arms around me, then leaned down towards my ear and whispered, By the way, this is your Christmas present.

At least it was a good hug.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pomander Jars

I've been saving these adorable, miniature mason jars for months and debating what to do with them. Inspiration finally struck when I found baby clementines at the grocery store. They're even smaller than normal clementines, and quite a few will easily fit into a pickle jar.

I set the kids to work sticking cloves into the fruit for pomanders, while I scrounged up some ribbon and candles.

The result, a pretty (and lovely smelling) decoration for our mantle.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

With a Little Child to Guide Them

Wow. What an emotional weekend this has been! I still feel raw inside, hurting for those in Newtown, Connecticut. I can't get past the thought we're all vulnerable to such random violence. I've had to tell my kids about the tragedy. I didn't want to, but I knew that if they didn't hear it from me, they would hear it anyway. Today at mass in fact, our priest spoke about it, and I was thankful that they weren't learning of it for the first time.

An event this sad makes people count their blessings. I know I'm lucky to have my family, my husband and children with me, healthy and whole. I know that I'm lucky to have to worry about all of the mundane details of my daily life as a mother. The alternative would be unbearable.

M-girl was already scheduled to take part in a Christmas concert and pageant at the church today. The children's choir has been practicing carols for months now. We just found out last weekend that she needed a shepherd costume. My little girl and I hastily made it together out of old curtains. The best part was this shepherd's crook that we made from a curtain rod and a candy cane ornament.

She and the other children got up there today, and sang their hearts out. They're fortunate children. The tragedy didn't happen in our community. Yes, they heard a little about it, as much as we adults felt they could handle. To them though, it happened far away.

Their childish voices rose sweetly in song, and for a little while the spirits of all listening, even the adults, rose as well. They sang of the birth of Jesus and the joy that one little baby brought to the world. They sang of events that took place so long ago that still impact us today. They sang of the hope that a Saviour brought to an imperfect world. They sang hope right back into my heart. I think that's what children are meant to do.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Feeling Sick

I'm in shock. I went through my day today focusing, as usual, on my kids. We did schoolwork. There was a dentist appointment followed by a shopping trip. We made Chex Mix. I spent hours sewing badges on K-boy's new Civil Air Patrol jacket. He has a training mission all day tomorrow. I had no time to get on the computer or turn on the TV.

All the while I had no idea. I was going about my life while so many other parents got the worst possible news. I feel sick. How can this happen -  something so evil and senseless? My heart aches for those families in Connecticut. I can only imagine their pain. They are in my prayers, and I'm sure in the prayers of every decent person. May God help them find strength.

Friday, December 7, 2012

When Kids Decorate

The holidays are a busy time. My kids realized that I've been overwhelmed lately with things to do, and they decided to help out. My nine year old and six year old took on the task of decorating the house for Christmas.

They paid keen attention to details. Like objects were carefully arranged together.

Note the thoughtful way that they shoved the fall decorations aside to make room for the Christmas village.

And finally, they were careful to hide any clutter behind decorations, where no one will ever notice it.

If I just teach them to do laundry and cook dinner I could soon be living a life of leisure around here!