Monday, March 19, 2012

My Alarm Didn't Wake Me

Most mornings of my married life, my husband has been the first to awaken. I hear him puttering around and usually manage to catch a bit more sleep. Somehow my brain knows to really wake up either when I hear him in the shower, or smell the coffee brewing. Then I get up, fix his lunch, see him off, and have some time to myself before I need to start waking the kids up.

Most mornings. BadDad had to go away overnight on business last week. We missed him, but I handled things fine on my own. I got dinner, spent time with the kids, got them to bed, and everything locked up for the night.

The morning did me in. I awoke to sunlight streaming in my windows. I looked at the bedside clock (on my hubby's side of course). 7:54! I couldn't believe it. I never sleep past 7:00. As if to confirm the time, D-boy waltzed into my room and snuggled in beside me. He was followed quickly by two very hungry cats, looking for their breakfast. My sweet hubby called five minutes later to be sure I was up. He knows me well.

I had suffer with my own coffee that morning too.

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