Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Evil Kitties and One Dastardly Dog

Before our latest move, we were blissfully pet-free. Well, BadDad and I were blissful but the kids were constantly begging for a cat or a dog. Or both. After completing the worst of the renovations on our new house, we were out of excuses and reasons not to get a pet. The pros and cons of a cat versus a dog were hotly debated by the kids while BadDad and I feebly suggested goldfish.

Fast forward a year and a half and now our furry family includes a nine pound Hunt Terrier and two (yes two) Siamese cats. The kids were overjoyed with each addition, and absolutely love the pets. What they don't always love is the care and clean up that goes into pet ownership. I saw that one coming.

Overall they are good pets, and I love them. Except when they're bad and I don't. So far the dog has chewed lots of cushions, and various small toys. The cats got sick once and wracked up quite a vet bill...ouch! It is funny to see them all together though. It's like having eternal toddlers in the house, with all the joy that toddlers bring.

Lately there's been talk from the junior people in this house that we should get another dog to keep the dinky dog company. When they catch him at the right moment, BadDad is in agreement with them. No way, not a chance. If only the pictures weren't so darn cute!

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