Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Off

It's President's Day so we're taking the day off from schoolwork. My darling hubby went to the office so that means I have lots of free time... to catch up on housework and organizing. Oh the luxury! I've really got to start planning a summer vacation. Soon.

The kids got to sleep in this morning. Now it's lunchtime and they've officially played too much Wii. As soon as I kick them outside, I'll be able to really get some work done. This is how my efforts have gone so far:

 Me, "I want you to turn off the TV and go outside for some fresh air."

 K-boy, "What's for lunch?" Me, "You just finished breakfast." K-boy, "I'm hungry."

 M-girl, "I'm going out right now!" Me, "You need to wear socks and a coat, it's February." M-girl, "Oh, I forgot."

 D-boy, "No, outside is boring! I want to play Wii."

 This might take a while.

 It's time to de-clutter the schoolroom, and re-shelve some books. Somehow, mid-way through every week, everyone forgets where their book cubby is.

I let M-girl mix up homemade oatmeal packets this morning, so there's the kitchen to clean up too. I never fully realized before just how many oats are in a 42 oz canister of oatmeal. Now I do, as half of it is currently covering my kitchen island and floor. She ate a healthy breakfast though, so my goal was accomplished, sort of.

Yesterday, BadDad was painting the basement, so I didn't get to my usual quota of laundry. Today I get to spend a good chunk of my day down there making up for lost time.

Days off are the best!

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