Monday, February 27, 2012

Rescue Kitty

In the wee hours of this morning, as BadDad and I were enjoying our well-earned rest, we were awakened by an ear-splitting yowl. You know the kind only an angry Siamese cat can make. This was unusual, as normally the cats prowl around the house silently at night, and let us sleep. The yowls kept coming persistently, jarring us into full wakefulness.

We had to wonder what was bothering the cats as the screams intensified. If we'd heard one of the kids calling out in the night, we would have both been leaping out of bed to get to them. But this was a cat. I pulled a pillow over my head as my hubby called out, "Be quiet!".

After what seemed like hours, but in reality must have been mere minutes of this, my hubby asked me, "Do you know where Rocco is?". I listened, and realized that it really was only was one cat making all of the racket, Abbey, the girl cat.

Finally BadDad dragged himself out of bed and went to investigate. I stayed where I was, sleeping soundly waiting anxiously for his return. He came back soon enough and announced, "Rocco was locked in the Florida room". Poor thing, the Florida room is freezing cold in the winter!

The cats had been with us all night in the family room. As best we can figure, Rocco must have slipped into the Florida room unnoticed when BadDad let the dog out before bedtime. Then he shut the door and we went to our room at the other end of the house, unable to hear his cries to get back in. So Abbey woke us up to free her pal. She's a little kitty hero! Oh by the way, the dog slept through the entire incident. I'm just saying...

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