Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Valentine

Valentine' Day was this past week. We didn't do anything major, we never do. My hubby is of the opinion that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday, that forces men to overpay for flowers and such. He's right, I know. It's still fun though. He always comes through with something anyway. He knows better than to be the only man in America who doesn't!

M-girl was excited all day, wondering what he would bring us. Yes, I said us. Ever since she was tiny, he's brought her flowers on Valentine's Day too. This year she commented in K-boy's hearing, "I wonder why Dad doesn't get something for the boys too?". I told her that BadDad knows that I always get a little treat for all three of them, and the boys wouldn't want flowers anyway. I mentioned it to BadDad and he replied that he wants M-girl to grow up used to having a man treat her right. He figures that girls often subconsciously grow up to choose men who share some of the same qualities as their fathers, bad or good. Is it any wonder why I love this man?

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