Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Rapping

K-boy just celebrated his 13th birthday. The items on his birthday wish list were pricier than they used to be, and BadDad and I took our time deciding exactly what to get for him. In fact my hubby ended up finishing the shopping during his lunch break on the big day.

D-boy was worried that we wouldn't get it all done in time. The other night after dinner he whispered to me, Mom we only have a few days until K-boy's birthday. We'd better get busy!

Me: I know, Sweetie. We'll shop on Wednesday. Do you have any ideas?

D-boy: I think he'd like some rap music.

He's right. K-boy is going through a phase of gravitating to music that BadDad and I don't care for so much. The deal is that he can listen to certain artists, but not around his younger siblings.

D-boy: I know what I will do. I'm going to rap for him!

I was touched that he would think of something so personal for his big brother.

Me: That's a great idea, D-boy!

D-boy: I know! I'll just say all of the bad words that I know!

My jaw may have dropped then.

Me: Huh?! No, you don't need bad words. You could just rap, Happy Birthday!

D-boy: Mom, bad words are the whole point of rap!

Me: You're not allowed to say bad words, D-boy. Smart people can always think of better words to use.

D-boy: I need to use bad words for rap, Mom! I'm going to say....

I held my breath and cringed. Could my six year old really know bad words?

D-boy: I'm going to say stupid! And dogbreath!

I struggled not to laugh with relief. Then I told him not to talk that way.

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  1. hahahaha, I have the same problem, 14 & 12 year old sons and an almost 3 year old learning to speak

    They do get more expensive as they get older and the gifts get smaller and it looks like they didn't really get anything.

    1. You can relate! My 13 year old is good about not sharing inappropriate things with the younger ones, but sometimes they hear what they're not supposed to anyway.

  2. This just might turn out okay, considering what he could have said.By the way, I really can't stand rap, but then I'm an old fart!

    1. I was relieved that was all he said! I don't like rap either, but some kids go through a phase of liking music that their parents hate. Sadly, my son is one of them. I'm hoping that soon his tastes will change.

  3. That is so sweet. The innocence of youth. I hope he is able to retain that innocence for a few more years.

  4. Lol! That is too funny.
    And yea, I think he is on to something isn't that the whole point of rap music?

  5. You have got quite a little rapper on your hands there! What horrible language he's picked up ;)