Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Conversation With My Almost Teen

I went to pick up K-boy from his church youth group the other day. With no kids in the car on the way there, I got to listen to my music for a change. When I met K-boy in the parking lot Modern English's, Melt With You, was still playing.*

This is the dialogue that ensued.

Me: Oh, I remember this song came out when I was a teenager.

K-boy: That was about one hundred years ago, right?

Me (ignoring him): Listen to the words, K-boy! There have always been songs that are great for people your age. Hear that?...'the future's open wide!'

K-boy (deadpan): Not for you, Mom.

Me (devastated): Whaa! Agh, you're right! I was a kid when this song came out, and now I'm going to be the mother of a teenager. My youth is goooone!

K-boy: Oops, you're really just realizing that? Sorry!

Me: Sniff. Well at least you're a wonderful kid.

K-boy: Yeah, till my birthday next week. Then I'll turn moody.

Me: Just because you're turning thirteen doesn't mean you have to turn moody.

K-boy (grinning): Moody!

This is how gray hair is earned.

*My discussion with my son did not involve the full lyrics to the above mentioned song.

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  1. Is that what causes gray hair? Because I have a few and I don't have a nearly teenager :)

    1. Yes, I started getting them earlier too. I think it must be our Momsense, knowing what's in store for us down the road.;)

  2. You know when our sweet little boy turned moody? A handful of days after his thirteenth birthday.

  3. Hey, at least he calls his attitude like it is, right? Sounds like he's going to keep you on your toes :)

    1. He's been keeping my hubby and I on our toes since the day he was born. We're lucky though, he's a great kid.