Wednesday, April 25, 2012

God's World

M-girl's cartography workbook assignment had a blank map that she had to follow the directions to fill in. She was having fun with it, and being slightly goofy. Pretty normal for her.

When the directions asked her to decide where on the map to place a school, she decided to locate it next to a lake. "So the naughty children can get thrown in the lake," she said. "Wow," I commented, "M-girl World is a scary place!" She laughed, as only a girl with all brothers can laugh and said, "Yes. Yes it is!"

Later, at lunch time, M-girl was still in a teasing mood. When D-boy asked for grilled cheese for lunch, M-girl jumped in and said, "In M-girl world, D-boy would only get bread and water for lunch."

D-boy didn't miss a beat. He responded, "Well, it's not M-girl world. It's God's world!"

It's nice when I know the religion lessons are sinking in!

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