Friday, December 7, 2012

When Kids Decorate

The holidays are a busy time. My kids realized that I've been overwhelmed lately with things to do, and they decided to help out. My nine year old and six year old took on the task of decorating the house for Christmas.

They paid keen attention to details. Like objects were carefully arranged together.

Note the thoughtful way that they shoved the fall decorations aside to make room for the Christmas village.

And finally, they were careful to hide any clutter behind decorations, where no one will ever notice it.

If I just teach them to do laundry and cook dinner I could soon be living a life of leisure around here!


  1. Your little helpers are just too cute! I love the mom perspective you always make me smile.

    1. They make me smile. They're completely clueless that there's anything wrong with their methods!