Friday, December 14, 2012

Feeling Sick

I'm in shock. I went through my day today focusing, as usual, on my kids. We did schoolwork. There was a dentist appointment followed by a shopping trip. We made Chex Mix. I spent hours sewing badges on K-boy's new Civil Air Patrol jacket. He has a training mission all day tomorrow. I had no time to get on the computer or turn on the TV.

All the while I had no idea. I was going about my life while so many other parents got the worst possible news. I feel sick. How can this happen -  something so evil and senseless? My heart aches for those families in Connecticut. I can only imagine their pain. They are in my prayers, and I'm sure in the prayers of every decent person. May God help them find strength.


  1. I echo your sentiment, feelings and thoughts and prayers. It was a horrifically tradgic day for our entire country. Senseless and horrible.

    1. I think we're all still reeling from this. It's just so hard to believe.