Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Bike Ride

When my hubby asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day, I didn't hesitate. I told him that I wanted to go on a family bike ride.

Last year we invested in bikes for all of us. BadDad and I hadn't been biking since our honeymoon, but after a rather embarrassing spin through the aisles of Dick's Sporting Goods, we were fitted out with the latest in trail bikes. I quickly realized that bikes have come a loooong way since my childhood ten speed. I haven't. I pretty much leave the gears set where the bike guys said to, and so far it's working fine.

On Sunday we miraculously made it to the early Mass (only slightly late). Then we went right home and started the process of loading up for our carefree bike ride.

While BadDad hitched up the bike rack to the family war wagon, I filled water bottles, packed trail snacks, and chased down the kids to apply sunscreen. All the while I offered helpful advice like, "You need to wear shoes", and ,"No, K-boy, you can't get a motor bike."

Eventually we drove off with the bikes in tow. I recently discovered a bike trail not 10 minutes from our house. Theoretically one could bike there instead of drive, if one were in great shape. Maybe someday.

Finally we got there and unloaded. BadDad had to hitch up the Tagalong that we purchased for D-boy last year. More about that in another post, but I'll just say it's awesome! It connects to an adult bike, and allows a little kid to keep up with the big bikes.

The weather couldn't have been nicer for a bike ride. The sun was shining, birds were singing, green leaves were wafting in the breeze. We set off for our ride. K-boy and M-girl vied for the lead, followed by BadDad with D-boy on the tagalong. I brought up the rear, to keep an eye on everyone. As it was the first ride of the season, we had to review some road rules with the kids.

BadDad, " M-girl, speed up. K-boy, you  can't stop in the middle of the trail!!"

Me, "Stay to the right, people are coming. M-girl that means behind K-boy, not next to him!!"

BadDad, "Watch where you're going!"

Me "Stay on the trail!"

Are you getting a sense how relaxing it was?

Later, M-girl shrieked because she accidentaly ran over a snake. I thought she was scared, but she was worried that she killed it. We had to go back and hunt for its flattened body, but never found it (much to my relief).

Then we found out that K-boy had forgotten to take his seasonal allergy medicine. His red, puffy eyes, and explosive sneezes said it all.

The bike ride came to a premature end. I'm not giving up though. Next week - Mother's Day bike ride redo!

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  1. I'm following you now. I love the name of your blog! Funny.

    Sue from

    1. Thanks for following. My son thought of the name...I'm pretty sure he was kidding!