Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Birthday Cake

M-girl, my little pumpkin girl, just turned nine. I can't believe it's been that long since she was born! She actually went 'easy' on me with her birthday cake request this year, and asked for a pumpkin shaped cake.

I followed a suggestion to use two bundt cakes as the pumpkin, with a stem made of cupcakes.

Since I only have one bundt pan, this turned out to be an all day project. If I were to make such a cake again, I would probably use fondant instead of frosting to give better definition to the shape.I finished the frosting part mere minutes before we sang Happy Birthday, but the result was cute and M-girl was happy. Whew! Birthday season is done around here...just in time for the holidays!


  1. I love the thoughtfulness that went into that cake! We all refine our specialties as we do them over and over. The important thing was your daughter was happy with it. I love doing things for children, they are so appreciative!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my sweetgrass baskets a few months back! I must have missed it, because I just noticed your name. My sister's name is Patricia Purcell too. :-) Another connection is that my OTHER sister has a late October birthday and we are no strangers to pumpkin birthday cakes!

  2. You tackled ths project with great ingenuity. Well done.

  3. You are rockstar for making this cake! It looks wonderful and I think it's such a great, creative idea, even if it took all day ;)