Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Holiday?

Is it possible to get a 4th of July redo? Because I'd like one. Really, for our family the 4th was....just not celebratory.

First of all, it started out on the wrong foot this year by being on a Wednesday. BadDad only got one day off. He couldn't even use vacation time to make a long weekend, since too many people at his office already did just that. After all someone actually has to be there doing work.

I had resigned myself to having the best possible time with our one day holiday. Then, on the morning of the 4th, M-girl woke up at 6 am, sick to her stomach. Her nausea continued all day long. She also had a bit of a fever, made worse by the fact that it was 90 plus degrees, and we don't have central air.

Still, we didn't give up on the day. BadDad and D-boy worked on renovations to the powder room. I did my usual chores, and played nurse to M-girl. K-boy went swimming with a friend. We even had a steak dinner (which was really good by the way).

Then, after dinner, I noticed that our little dastardly dog didn't seem to be walking right. In fact she was not putting weight on one of her back paws at all. I don't know about you, but when an animal is sick, in the midst of my sympathy, I start seeing vet bills. Big ones. I did a bit of online research about her symptoms (always the best way to go, I know). What I found was enough to keep me up at night.

It turns out that I didn't need that worry to ensure a sleepless night. After watching fireworks on TV (there was no chance of getting to a live show) M-girl moaned and tossed until after midnight. When she was finally settled, I managed an hour or so of sleep before awaking to the sound of K-boy starting with the same virus as his sister.

My hubby left for work this morning with a grin on his face. He knows he's escaping a day of tending to sick kids and dogs.

Happily the dog seems to be on the mend this morning, and she's actually walking. So much for online symptom checking! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the kids recover quickly. Then, if it's not to much to ask, I'd like a redo on the holiday. I seem to have missed this one.


  1. Oh sad...those days are never fun!

    I have found that we never get anything unless my husband brings it home from the office. I have read that office buildings are breeding zones for all kinds of nasty-ness.

    Anyway, I do hope that you get time off. Maybe this weekend? (crosses fingers for you)

    1. We had such a healthy streak for a long time. Now we seem to be getting everything! I think it's because the kids are into more activities and socializing more than when they were a bit younger. Oh well, I'm hoping that we'll go back to another healthy streak soon!

  2. Ugh! Sorry the kids caught the germies! That is never fun. Maybe you can catch some fireworks at a state or county fair if there are any coming up in your area?
    Hope the kiddies are feeling better!

    1. Everyone is better this week, thank goodness! I suspect we'll be able to see some fireworks sometime during the summer.