Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dog Party

This morning at breakfast, M-girl asked me the date. At my reply, she gasped in dismay,"Oh no, we missed Trinket's birthday!"

Trinket is the dog. Somehow, I managed to contain my guilt.

D-boy quickly jumped on the bandwagon. "Poor Trinket needs a cake!"

Really? For a dog?

After consulting with Trinket, the kids decided that we needed to make a marble cake with chocolate frosting. We were out of sugar, so I added that to the shopping list and we headed off to the store. While we were there, they talked me into buying ice cream for the dog's birthday celebration. Yeah, I'm a pushover for ice cream. In my defense it was cookie dough!

We got home and made the cake. I let the kids help a lot with making it, including greasing and flouring the pans. I later came to regret that, when the cakes wouldn't come out of the pans in one piece. Luckily a double batch of frosting fixed everything. D-boy even made Trinket's profile out of pretzels. Super fancy stuff.

Finally after dinner, we all gathered to sing happy birthday to the birthday dog. Then we sent her away while we ate cake and ice cream, because well...she's a dog!

Happy 5th birthday little, dastardly dog!


  1. What?! I'm the first to comment??!! This is the absolute best post I've ever seen anywhere!! Love it! I especially the lines, "Trinket is the dog. Somehow, I managed to contain my guilt."

    You totally made me laugh!


  2. Thank you, Sue! I was hoping to give everyone a good laugh!

  3. HAHAHA! Sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. It was! I love how kids can always find a reason to celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday, Trinket! Love that you managed to "contain your guilt" ;)