Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snippy People

One of the perks of being an at home mom is that I typically get to surround myself with people that I actually want to spend time with. I'm not stuck in a room for hours on end with annoying personalities. Maybe that makes me more sensitive to run ins with people that I'd really rather avoid.

Today I had just such an interaction, with a person who managed to aggravate me during a simple phone call. I was looking over my library account online earlier, which I've learned from experience I need to do to catch any errors on their end. Sure enough, I found that my account still showed that I had a movie out that I know with certainty that I returned yesterday. Overdue movies incur a dollar a day fine, so obviously this needed addressing. Unable to remedy this mistake online, I was left with the choice to call or drive down there.

In the interests of efficiency I called the library's main number and politely explained my problem. The woman who answered gave a long pause and then said, I'll have to transfer you to the circulation desk.

I replied, OK.

Another long pause followed and then a sigh. Clearly I was really putting this woman out by asking her to do her that MY tax dollars help to pay for, I might add.

She came back on the line 5 seconds after she left and said very snippily that they weren't going to pick up because they were busy. As an afterthought she added that I could leave a message on voicemail, her tone suggesting that I shouldn't.

I said that would be fine.

Can I just offer a suggestion to mean people? Don't take jobs that require you to interact with people. Ever.


  1. Replies
    1. The worst of it is that it was so unneccessary.

  2. I've worked in cal centres as quality assurance - you should hear the calls I've heard, on both sides!

  3. Ugh, ugh...I LOVE snippy people. Just LOVE them. Sorry you had to deal with such a peach!

    1. They can really make your day, can't they?!