Thursday, January 26, 2012


M-girl got sick today as she was working on her math lesson. Somehow she managed to miss destroying her Saxon Math workbook. Whew! Those things aren't cheap. I started cleaning up the mess in the schoolroom and sent her to go change her clothes. She stood there for a moment, looking upset and said, "But don't I need to finish my math first?" That's dedication!

That changed our plans for the day. We were rushing through the core subjects, so that we could meet our homeschooling group for ice-skating. I happen to be the mom in charge of co-ordinating lessons this year. After a quick email and two phone calls, I was assured that everyone wasn't going to be waiting in vain for our arrival to begin the lesson.

Of course, M-girl needed convincing. "I feel fine now", she insisted, hoping that we could still go. Call me over-cautious, but when one of my offspring starts vomiting, I'm inclined to cancel our plans for the day. She definitely seems to be on the mend though, sometimes a day of watching cartoons and eating saltines can do wonders. With luck,she'll be ready to hit the ice next week.

D-boy's kindergarten work doesn't take long, so this afternoon I ended up with an unusual amount of time to focus only on K-boy's studies. Lucky him! Wha ha ha!!

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