Monday, January 30, 2012

Laundry Daze

One of the hardest tasks for me to keep ahead of around here is laundry. Every day around here is laundry day. If I'm not backed up with loads waiting to be washed, I'm swamped with baskets of clean clothes awaiting folding and putting away. It seems to be a chore that I can never check off my to-do list.

Our home improvement project right now is renovating the finished part of the basement. This serves as our playroom/laundry room. It's a big space, so room is not an issue. We're just hoping to avoid having laundry piles all over the floor.

When we moved into this house, there was a huge, built-in bar down in that room. Actually there's also mirror tiles on one wall and dark paneling on others. This must have been one groovy house back in the 70's!

Anyway, BadDad had the idea to remove the bar from the corner that it was tucked in. There's plenty of nicer spaces in this house to have a drink without having to retreat to the basement to do it. He moved it over opposite to the washer and dryer. The shelves that were meant to hold bar ware are plenty big enough to hold baskets for sorting loads of laundry.It's dark and gloomy down there right now, but once we paint and put in new flooring, it could actually be pleasant to stand there and fold clean clothes. Well, as pleasant as laundry can ever be. Soon I'll have no more excuses to avoid folding clothes. Hooray?

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